UK: The Body Shop, Aloe Protective Restoring Mask


I give this mask a 2/5 thumbs up. It is O.K.

I thought this was an interesting kind of face mask, something I have not seen around before. Also, the Aloe in it makes it a nice hydrating mask, regardless of the other aspects it covers.

It comes in a big pot, and it is pretty simple but very nice packaging. Sturdy and easy to use. The consistency is interesting, it is like a stiff yogurt, like a solid gel, but it melts down on your skin as you apply it, and it then gets creamy. Personally, having Aloe as one of the main ingredients I expected something more fresh, or cooling instead of milky or creamy. That was part of my disappointment with it, which has nothing to do with the product itself but with my own expectations of it.

About how good it works, I think it is a nice hydrating mask, but I did not feel it had an effect on strengthening my skin’s barrier. It is a nice light hydrating mask, also do not expect it to be a massive hydrating mask. If you are dehydrated or feeling like your skin is dry, this won’t directly target that, so you might need a different kind of mask. However, if you have normal skin, but feel like you want a kick of hydration, this is something nice to help your skin. It is also slightly cooling compared to a regular creamy mask, which might add an extra, specially during a warm summer. I did not see an effect on my skin when it came to strengthening it as a barrier, but maybe someone that suffers from acne would benefit better from it. Of course, You should always ask your dermatologist if this would be a good add to your skincare routine.

I could not find this product in their website anymore but a similar version that sounds more like what I expected of this one. That one I want to get now to test it out.

Would I buy this again? Not really.

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