England: Soap&Glory, Sexy Mother Pucker


I give this product a 1/5 thumbs up. I do not like it.

I bought this Sexy Mother Pucker in Norway at a Boots. I was more than excited when I found out that they have Boots over there, and HAD to go in and buy stuff. This is one of the products I bought then, along a face cleanser and other little things.

The packaging is great, it has a good applicator. It is a regular lip gloss packaging, nothing impressive, but it works. It is actually the first plumping lip gloss that I buy. I do not feel that I need to plump my lips at all, but I was curious to know if they do work. It is a lightly creamy and sticky kind of lip gloss, until here, your regular lip gloss. It is a beautiful color, and I really liked and would have kept it, if it would not be for the stinging. The plumping part, I never saw any real plumping, I think it numbs your lips and you feel like they are bigger, but I did not see a difference in the mirror. I personally found the stinging very uncomfortable, so uncomfortable that I never used this lip gloss again, no matter how much I liked the color. It is uncomfortable, and unnecessary. I would probably not buy another of these kind of products, and certainly I will not buy another Sexy Mother Pucker again.

Would I buy this product again? No


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