A bit of supermarket shopping in México…

Something I enjoy when in México is that you can get a fair range of drugstore products in several supermarkets. If you are in a rush, you do not always have to run to specialized shops, you often find most things you need in the supermarket.

Here are a few little things I just bought at a quick run I had to the supermarket. First of all Yes to… face masks, there was a selection of four or five different masks, but these two were the ones that I felt more into.


The Yes to Cucumbers, soothing calming Paper Mask. It claims to be 96% natural. It is a sheet mask. I have not tried many of these, and I have not super enjoyed the ones I have tried just out of convenience or how comfortable it is compared to others. I am nevertheless not giving up on them by any means. The other mask, is the Yes to Tomatoes Clear Skin Detoxifying Charcoal Mud Mask. In general, I have several masks of this kind in my own collection, so finding a good mask in this category, is always interesting. I will report on them as soon as I try them out.

Then, because I traveled only with a very small powder, and during summer México is mostly warm and where I went was humid and warm. I knew I would need more powder, but I prefer to travel with a small one and buy another one once I arrive to my destination. This way I do not carry so much, I get to try something new and have a souvenir from my trip (in case I like it enough to take it with me), all in one.


I saw this Super Color Correcting Powder by Physicians Formula, and thought that it might work well for my needs, plus it has a 30 SPF. Always a plus!

I also took only a concealer sample to survive the first days of the trip with the intention to buy a new one at my destination. I picked up this Cover Girl Clean Invisible concealer. It is your average tube with applicator creamy concealer. Compact for the trip but something I have never tried before.

I will report back soon…

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