UK: The Body Shop, Aloe Calming Toner


I give this toner 4/5 thumbs up. I really like it.

This Body Shop Aloe Calming Toner is a very nice toner, calming and effective. It has no scent which I love. I have tried other toners from this brand and unfortunately I did not have very good experiences. They were heavily scented and I do not like that in skincare. The bottle is absolutely beautiful, it has an old chemist vibe in it. The dispenser is really good and the bottle is sturdy, although the lid is not and through heavy use it might break.

The toner is very good, it contains Aloe from Campeche in México. It is fragance free, colourant free, preservative free and alcohol free. It is calming and slightly hydrating, probably through the Aloe. It is formulated for sensitive skin. If you are after a natural product for sensitive skin this might be an option. It costs around 11Euros, and other brands for sensitive skin have similar prices, and not natural sources, so if this is an important point for you, this is definitely a good option. I really like the natural sources and the fact that it contains no color, scent or alcohol.

Would I buy it again? Yes!


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