USA: Estée Lauder, Day Wear


I give this moisturizer 4/5 thumbs up. I really like it!!

I got this Day Wear in a set by the brand. It came with other products that I was interested into trying out, and even though this was the full size product, it was not the one I was really interested in. I have to say I am so positively surprised, I can hardly believe it. I was never too interested in Estée Lauder as a brand, specially the skincare, beyond their very famous serum. The more I try, the more I get convinced and into the brand. This is from now on my main day moisturizer for the winter/autumn. It contains antioxidants, which help prevent aging and that is always good. It also contains SPF, which I had been looking for in a day moisturizer. So far I only liked one from Avéne with SPF20 and even that one could get a bit greasy. This formula is light enough to not feel obtrusive on the skin, you can feel in the formula that the SPF is there, but it is not making it heavy. The SPF is only 15, which is enough for winter, autumn or if you know you will be indoors most of the time. If you use peeling products then you might need higher SPF, or maybe if you know that you will spend a lot of time outdoors during summer. The consistency is like that of a creamy gel and it absorbs quickly. I love it and I am converted to the brand! This product, made me want to try others.

The packaging is great, sturdy but compact and beautiful. Not travel friendly because of its size, but you can always pour on something else.

Would I buy it again? Yes, yes, yes, yes!


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