France: Revitalift Laser X3 Eyes


I give this eye cream 2/5 thumbs up. It is just O.K.

I bought this Revitalift LaserX3/ Laser Renew at a drogerie in Germany, I was looking to try a different day eye cream. I have recently tried some really good ones through samples. GinZing by Origins is one and It’s Potent by Benefit. Both really good eye creams for puffy eyes.

The packaging includes a cooling tip that is supposed to help the application and to de-puff  the eyes. It is a rigid plastic tube that does not make it easy to squeeze the product out. The cooling tip, sounds like a good idea, but in my experience it kind of pulled a bit the skin and it was not practical to use. If the cooling applicator is what gets you interested, then it might not be what you expect. Rather buy a cooling face massage item and use than before applying your moisturizer instead. The cream also stays a lot on it instead of helping apply the product. I feel the skin around the eyes is so sensitive that any pulling is just counter productive. The cream is fine, it feels a bit emollient, so it is probably good for people with dry under eye areas.

This eye cream costs around 20Euro, the Origins cream around 30 and the Benefit one 35Euro. To be honest, I rather pay 10 Euro or 15 Euro more for a cream that does the job, than 20 on this one.  It just did not convince me. It is not a bad cream, but do not buy it for the applicator or thinking you are saving some money because it is drugstore. You do not get to use the whole 15ml of product on this because of the packaging, while the others come in pots where you use it all up. There are other brands on similar prices that do not have those drawbacks.

Would I buy it again? No

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