USA: Revlon, Colorstay Concealer


I give this concealer 3/5 thumbs up. I like it!

With the news that Revlon is now available in Germany, lets celebrate with a Review on one of its products. Starting with the packaging of this Colorstay Concealer, I would say it is O.K. but the applicator could be better. It applies too much at once. The concealer has a light liquid like consistency which blends well, very lightly almost seamlessly. I like that about it because I do not like heavy make up. It gives light coverage. If you like heavy coverage then this might not be for you, or if you like very creamy thick concealers, this is not the thing. I also do not think it is the best at covering imperfections. It works very well with my broken capillaries but not so well on blemishes. It is very illuminating, it brightens up the complexion, so I find it great for the under eye area. It also works well on redness to even out.

Would I buy it again? Yes


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