Hair oils…Miracle Oil, Macadamia Oil or coconut water?


I have been dealing with really dry hair. In an attempt to help it out, I bought these oils. Not all of them at once, but one at the time, and when one did not work, I picked up another one.

First, I tried the Macadamia Oil by OGX. This is a very oily product, a thick oil with a bit of a scent but nothing bothersome. It feels very, very nourishing. Packaging was great, compact, and I would not say travel friendly but you can always pour into something smaller. The oil might be good for nourishing your hair, but it made my hair too greasy. This is probably good to put on and let it soak through the night and wash it in the morning. I did try it out like this and it worked but it still made my hair greasier sooner than I normally would need. This of course did not help with my dry hair problem. I think this might work for someone with a moderately dry hair, to help it nourish but with a drier scalp. It did not do the trick for my dry hair.

Then I figured my hair might need more hydration and not just oil. That is when I picked the Coconut Water Hydration Oil by OGX. This is like a very light oil, dispensed with a spray. I have to say I did not like the feel of it. It feels like a light dry oil. This product did not help either hydrate my hair, scalp or restore oil into it. I also did not like the scent, it is almost like a going bad coconut scent, a little sour. I think this product might work for someone that just wants a styling kind of product. Something to give a last touch to your hair, for a bit of shine, and to keep it from going too frizzy. As a treatment, I think it fails the test, but as a styling product I think it might work depending on your hair.

Finally, the one that worked best: Aussie 3 Miracle Oil Reconstruction. This oil, or combination of oils, worked quite well. It helped with the hydration and dryness in contrast to the other two products I tried. Unfortunately, the effect was not lasting. The first day I would apply it after a shower, and that day it would look good and healthier, but the second or third day the effect would already wear out. It is a good product for someone with dry hair, but not with damaged hair, or severe dry hair.

In the end, I had to get a hair treatment at the salon, and also a haircut obviously. The dryness of my hair was quite drastic. I hope the experience was anyway helpful as I can now share with you, for whom I think these could be good for.

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