Caudalíe, Caudalíe, Caudalíe and oh! yeah L:A Bruket


One of my favorite pharmacies had a visit from the Caudalíe Representative. There was suppose to be some treatments involved, plus some special offers, so of course I could not say NO to This!!

In the end, I could not stay for the treatment but I did ask her questions and let her adress my concerns and make suggestions for products. I got a day moisturizer, a night moisturizer and an eye moisturizer.

What do you want in a day moisturizer? I want sun protection and hydration mostly, all that in a nice light comfortable formula. Some help in preventing aging as much as humanly possible of course! Her suggestion was this VinoPerfect with SPF 20. It also helps combat pigmentation, summer is on us after all!

Then for the night, VineActiv. Anti-pollution, anti-aging and illuminating. It contains hyaluronic acid, which is always welcomed, Vitamine E and Polyphenol Antioxidants. From this line was also her suggestion for an eye cream.

She gave me this huge bag with lovely samples. I am so excited to try so many of these!!


I am specially excited about the Serum and the Face Mask. I have also read or seen a blogger say that the shower gel was divine. Lets see!

Finally, from another shop I got this foot cream by L:A Bruket. I have been dying to try something from them, but I do not really need much right now. Recenlty, I finished my Skinfood by Weleda, which is the moisturizer I use for my feet almost everynight. It is great but I thought a change once in a while does not hurt!


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