L, L, L…Lush and Liquid!

I did a tiny shopping at Lush, I finished recently my body scrub, and even though the Balea dm Body scrub from Germany is my favorite, it is just nice to give you a treat from time to time and try something else, or something you love.

I have tried Buffy before, and I really like it, it is just more expensive, but it is lovely. I had never tried the Rub with the Smooth  before, and I loved it too. Both are rather expensive compared to the dm, and as good. So I would say, if want to treat yourself go for it, if you need a regular, solid good product the dm scrub has you covered for only 3 Euro instead of the 9-12 you pay here.

Buffy is a creamy scrub from shea butter and cocoa that melts while you use it and it has some ground rice and almonds to do the buffying. It feels very comfy but efficient on the skin. It almost saves you from moisturizing afterwards. It lasts two to three uses for a whole body scrub.

The Rub with the Smooth is made of sugar, it feels more rough but not uncomfortable. I love rough scrubs, so this is now a favorite. It lasted me one use but you could get two uses for a whole body scrub, not more. You could of course saved them to use on your own rough patches of skin, or problem skin areas, and then get more uses out of them. Both have a lovely scent, just check them out at the shop.

I also got a Charity Pot, but I will review that one later.


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