Hakuhodo and Aesop…

I recently placed and order for Hakuhodo brushes from their US online shop. I believe they shop all over the world from there. I chose a blush brush and a crease eye shadow brush. The order took a bit to arrive, but it was perfectly packed, it came with advice on how to care for your brushes, and the brushes are really beautiful, soft and seem as great quality. I have tried the blush brush so far and it is really lovely, but very focused, not very broad. I have used it mostly for blush and highlighter. Maybe it takes time to get used to it, but I like usually a bit broader and fluffier brushes for blush, powder blush that is. This one is very compact, so I can make a review of it once I have used it more, and also of the eye shadow brush.

Then I passed by the Aesop shop downtown Frankfurt in Germany and bought a hand cream and a shaving product. The hand cream has a lovely scent and it has peeling ingredients. How lovely! Now we even have that in hands cream! I thought it would be a lovely night time hand cream. Giving a treatment and having a lovely calming scent. The lady at the counter was nice to give me a couple of face mask samples. The shaving product is called Neroli Maroccan Shaving Serum. It comes in a convenient travel friendly packaging which is what convinced me to buy it (btw, it is not for me, so I won’t review it).

I will report on how I find them soom!


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