A few perfumes…


Some of these were unexpected scents, from the name I might have thought they would smell differently. Some were a nice surprise, some were not my thing.

Scent of a Dream by Charlotte Tilbury

It has a fresh and clean scent, totally unexpected, a soapy kind of scent. It is an interesting scent, it is tempting but I am not convinced it is my kind of scent. For fresh scents I usually go for citrus ones, while this is more of a soap like scent. With that name I imagined something totally different. Would I buy it? Undecided so far. It is a very interesting scent but not convinced of how much I like it. In any case it feels like a good everyday scent to me.

Prada Candy Gloss

This is of course a very sweet scent, even though I do like sweet scents, this is really like candy sweet smell. It is not my kind of perfume. If you like this kind of scents then go a head and try it out at a perfume shop, it could be what you are looking for. The brands website description of the scent is that of  a “fruity bouquet with hints of rose and musk”.

Chanel No.5

I love it. I know this one is a classic, and probably lots of people love it or hate it too. Scents are a very personal thing, and classics or cult scents are more likely to polarize opinions around them. This is a very elegant and powerful scent. With some floral tones from Rose and Jasmin, citrus and Vanilla. It is a favorite of mine. Being a classic it means that you should go to a shop and test it. You might love it or hate it, but you should at least get to know it. Would I buy this perfume? Yes!

Lady Million Paco Rabanne

This was was a nice surprise. It is fresh and floral. The packaging from the bottle looks terrible I have to say, very bulky and not very practical. In my opinion it feels like a good everyday scent. I would not invest in it though, there are others I like much better.

El pasajero No.1 Lengling Münich

I was very excited to try this one, it is a small brand from Munich in Germany.  The bottle seems stunning, beautiful without robbing practicality. The inspiration seems to come from Spain for this scent, just as the name might suggest. The description on their website states: “A scent as resplendent as the glittering stars on a clear summer night in the Andalusian mountains.” In the end it was not my cup of tea. It is a very floral scent, more than I would enjoy. If you like floral scents though, then go ahead and try it out, this might be the one you were hoping for.

Remember scents are very personal, one someone loves, another one might hate. Always go and check a perfume on your skin before making up your mind about it. Perfumes are there to make your life more enjoyable, just go out there and try them out!


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