A couple of face masks, some good, some not so…


These are some recent finished face masks, some I liked, some not so…

Lets start with the Salthouse Totes Meer Therapie Mineralien-Komplex Maske. I give this mask 4/5 thumbs up. I really like it. It was creamier than expected. I thought it would be like a mud, but it was more like a cream. I really enjoyed and liked the result: cleared pores without drying out the skin. Packaging was good, it did not break in an awkward way, which I am very thankful for. I hate to waste product when that happens. It is recommended for sensitive, blemish and problematic skin. I think this should work very well with people with blemishes, helping the skin clear out without drying it. I will definitely buy this again.

Second, lets talk about the Iroha Relax Day Purifying Facial Mask Green Tea Peel Off Mask. This was a fail with me. I give this mask 1/5 thumbs up. I did not like it. The packaging is great, I loved it. You can easily use what you need and save the rest with that opening. It contains only natural ingredients. The mask comes out as a clear gel that solidifies and then when ready, just peel off. To be honest it was more fun than a real purifying mask. I did not even use it again. It contains enough product for 3 to 4 uses. If you like using this kind of mask, then you could try it out. My feeling was that it did not do much to clear my pores. Would I buy it again? No

Finally, the Dresdner Essenz Wellness Sensitiv Maske Pfingstrose Maske. This has a lovely creamy consistency, and scent. It comes with two uses, and the product is enough for face but not quite enough for the neck and decolletage. Maybe half of your neck. The scent is lovely and makes the experience enjoyable. It is a hydrating mask, leaving the skin feeling fresh and lovely. I would not say it really calmed the skin. In my experience it is more of a feeling good mask than a mask that does much for the skin. If you just want to treat yourself to a lovely calming moment, go ahead. If you want a real treatment for your skin you are better off elsewhere. Would I buy it again? Yes, for a feel good moment, definitely!


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