Sampling around: Dr. Hauschka, Tinted Day Cream


I do not remember where I got this Tinted Day Cream sample to be honest, either at a sample set from the brand. They have a couple and they are really nice. I have tried two of them so far. The packaging was fine, it did not open awkwardly, which avoids wasting product.

The sample size was really good enough for two, three maybe four uses depending on how much product you use.

The color looks very dark on your hand but it tones down once applied, so do not get scared if it seems too dark for your skin.

I liked it, but it was a bit thick and too emollient for my taste, probably better suited for someone with dry skin. I feel that this product is precisely what you would want your tinted moisturizer to be. A moisturizer with a very light tint. It is not enough to cover any imperfections, but it does even the skin tone and makes it look more awake, illuminated, beautiful  skin but not perfected. You can see through broken capillaries, blemishes, etc. I do not have a problem with that because I use concealer for that.

Would I buy this product based on the sample? If they would have different formulas for different skin types, yes.


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