Canada: Neutrogena, Oil-free Eye Makeup Remover


I give this make up remover 1/5 thumbs up. I did not like it.

I bought this make up remover in México, at a supermarket during a trip. It is made in Canada, and as many Neutrogena products, you can not get it everywhere. The packaging is good, it is compact, sturdy, not great for traveling but you can always pour some into a smaller bottle.

This make up remover states it removes waterproof make up without leaving a greasy residue behind. It is a bi-fasic make up remover, which is typical for waterproof make up remover. It also states it is effective and soft on the skin. I do not agree with most of their claims. I use this kind of make up remover only when I am wearing waterproof make up, I use a miceellar water for regular make up. This product was indeed soft on the skin, but it is not very effective at removing waterproof make up and it does leave a slight residue on the skin, like a dry oil. My main complain with it is the lack of effectiveness. You need to use much more product, compared to other products, to get a similar result. If it does not work for the main purpose for what you buy it, then there is no point. Minor complains like a funny film on the skin, you can always work around it, since you still wash your face afterwards.

Would I buy it again? No

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