UK/Ireland/USA: Max Factor, Miracle Touch Creamy Blush


I give this blush 3/5 thumbs up. I like it.

I found this Miracle Touch Creamy Blush by Max Factor in the shade 09 Soft Murano at a Rossmann Droguerie in Germany or at a supermarket in México. I do not remember exactly anymore.

The packaging is O.K. It is very compact and light, which makes it great for traveling, tested and approved. I have taken it for trips through Japan, México and Iceland. It does feel on the cheap side, but it is good quality and sturdy, it has never break.

The color is very natural looking, but there are other brighter colors if that is what you like. It is a basic color palette, but it has almost everything you might want or look for. The formula, is creamy and the finish is slightly dewy, not shiny, but dewy. I like a powder finish like the Chanel cream blushes better though.

Would I buy it again? It is a lovely product, but I prefer a powder finish in cream blushes. So, most likely I would not buy another one unless the color is really unique and tempts me.


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