Sweden: Emma S., Cleansing Facial Wash


I give this facial wash 4/5 thumbs up. I really liked it.

I bought this facial wash during a trip in Norway. I was very excited to find out they have Boots over there! Browsing around, I found the “sample/travel size” section, and there I picked up this. I have never seen or heard of this brand before, so I was naturally excited and curious to try it out.

The packaging is very nice. Simple but very good quality. Flexible enough to let the product be used. It has lovely advice written on the packaging. I also really liked that detail.

The cleansing facial wash is like a creamy gel that foams slightly, very soft to the touch. Very comfortable on the skin, a truly lovely product. It removes make up well, although I do two washes always. The first wash with an oil, or a balm to remove make up and then to clean the face fully I use a face wash like this one. It cleans the skin very well, without stripping, or leaving an uncomfortable feeling behind. It has no scent, and this is always something I appreciate. I rather have no scent on my face products. Scents are so personal, you might find a wonderful product but not enjoy using it just because: vanilla,  or almond or whatever the scent they choose is not your thing.

If you have access to this product, I can say I recommend it, and I truly enjoyed it.

Would I buy it again? Yes! I hope I can buy it again soon!


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