“Everyday” No Makeup Makeup

My philosophy with make up goes as follows. Full make up belongs on special occasions, parties, going out specially in the evenings. At special occasions, it is probably best to wear make up but still look like yourself, for instance at a birthday party or your wedding. Going out or parties, go crazy. Everyday, nothing more than mascara, eyeliner if you wear it, maybe blush and lipstick if you are going somewhere, or maybe for work. If you stay at home, then mascara is probably enough, or nothing. This has changed with age slightly. Earlier I hardly ever wore make up, outside of mascara and the occasional lipstick.

I am not a fan of using make up everyday, but as I age, a little bit more of help is sometimes needed to look your best. If you are not in your mid-thirties, you probably do not need more than mascara and blush to freshen up. After this, it might be that a little more of help, say concealer, might come in handy.

Here is a quick view at what I use at the moment as my “Everyday” No Makeup Makeup.


First, something for the brows. Something light and natural like this Eyeko brow gel. This is my favorite eye brow product. It helps to shape them and define them, it is not sticky or strongly tainted. It is a light colored liquid.

Then, I put some concealer on the parts of my face that needs it. Usually under my eyes, sometimes around my nose or chin as well. This Revlon Colorstay is a light consistency and quite luminous. Then I curl my eye lashes and apply Mascara. At the moment I am using this Smokey Mascara by Bobbi Brown. It is a sample size, and soon I will be able to tell you how much I like it.

Then if I need a flush of color, I add some blush. At the moment I am using this light pink Elizabeth Arden cream blush. It looks very much like my own blushing coloring, so I like to think it looks “natural”.

Finally, Lip balm. I am using Kiehl’s Lip Balm #1 right now. Sometimes, if I go shopping, or meeting someone for coffee I use a bright lipstick on top. Most days, just lip balm, or a Juicy Tube.

What is your “Everyday” No Makeup Makeup?

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