Mini-Haul: Make Up and Body care…

While walking around the streets of Frankfurt, I could not resist a bit of shopping…

First at an Apotheke downtown I got this lovely red lipstick. I have never heard of this brand, and I love discovering a new brand. The lipstick is lovely, the color range is only 6 shades, but all beautiful. I would say the all fall on the bold color, no nudes or toned down shades. The lipstick is called Hydra Confort and after trying it a couple of times you see why. It sits lightly on your lips, no dryness or uncomfortable feeling on them. I really love this lipstick, and wonder how I never heard of this brand before. The packaging is the one I am not a big fan of. It is a bit bulky and maybe also a bit too shiny for being plastic.

Then I passed by the very famous Parfümerie Albrecht and I had a quick look. After talking to one of the ladies at the shop, I decided to buy this body cream. It was far from cheap, but I hope it will do what it says. I will report back on that!

With it, I got plenty of samples: an Advanced Genifique, Teint Idole Ultra Wear, Dream Skin by Dior, and two perfume samples. Ever Bloom by Shiseido and Clean.

Very excited about these new products, can not wait to try them!

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