Sampling around: Korres, Almond Blossom, Moisturizing Cream


My local pharmacy has Korres and I really like some of the products that I have tried, although at first sight it does not seem they have a lot that interests me personally. The ladies at the pharmacy are always good at giving samples by the brand with your purchase, and this sample comes from a recent re-buy from one of my favorites: lip balm.

This Almond Moisturizer by Korres is aimed to Normal to dry Skin, but I had no problem when I tested it, and I have rather oily skin. The packaging could be better, it is one of those that breaks unevenly hen you pull, and then product is wasted because it either comes out everywhere or it sticks to the ridges of the packaging. The scent is beautiful, I adored it, and I am not an almond scent lover. I usually do not like it. The cream was moisturizing on the skin without feeling heavy on it. The consistency was something between a lotion and a cream, very comfortable. Even though it is not aimed at oily skin, I could see myself using this as a night cream. The brand is good at having their products for all skin types, so even though this sample was Normal to Dry, the brand also has this product in a formulation for oily skin. It contains antioxidants, glycerin and Hyaluronic acid.

Would I buy it based on the sample? Yes!


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