A few shimmery make up fails…

I got all of these in beauty boxes, even though I found them exciting for getting to know new brands and products, it is unavoidable that you will meet a few fails. Here a few of those full of unnecessary sparkle products. If you like your bronzer and blush full of sparkle, these might actually be a dream come true.

First we have this Gosh Precious Powder Pearls.


The packaging is great, lovely, simple, sturdy, practical. The product is nothing that I look for in a bronzer. I do not use much bronzer, but these are very shimmery balls of bronzer powder. Whenever I go for a bronzer, I want something matte. Shimmer only accentuates imperfections like large pores on my face. I do not find it flattering, and in general I do not like shimmer unless on an eye shadow, mostly for a night look. I have to say I tried to use it, but it just never worked for me.

Then, I also got this other bronzer by Model Co.

Here the problem again is the shimmer. It is called Shimmer Bronzing Powder. Packaging is great, simple, compact, easy to travel with, and it feels sturdy. The product unfortunately is that is just sparkle everywhere. I do not know why they do this kind of product so shimmery, I do not think is very flattering. Maybe for someone with perfect porcelain skin, this is not a problem, but if you have imperfections, shimmer just make them more obvious. When applied, you can see the bronzing part, that is really pretty, but also some sparkle coming through. Not my kind of product, the good thing is that they do a matte version, which is unfortunately not the one I got. The consistency is the one of a very fine beautiful powder, and I would love to try the matte version of this. It is reasonably priced as well. It is just available in one shade but they claim it suits all skin tones.

Finally, the So Susan Universal Blush.

I could not find this product in their website anymore, but there is a blush & glow that sounds like its twin. I can not be sure these are twins, but they definitely seem to be. This is a blush with a lot of shimmer in it, and again, all it does is highlight the imperfections in your cheeks through it. It it a beautiful color, it applies nicely, but the result on my face was not flattering at all. Packaging is fine, it is simple, compact and practical. More on the cheap side, compared to the others, also probably more prone to break if you would keep it in your make up bag and not on your vanity table.

These are examples of products that are actually quite in fashion these days, but that might not suit everyone. As I mentioned, if you have porcelain skin and you like a shimmer, these might be perfect for you. However if you have imperfections, like acne scars or large pores, the shimmer in these products will just make it more visible. I am glad I got to know these brands, I just hope I would have been luckier with the picks. It was not all a loss. I have not heard much of these brands until I got to know them via a beauty box. Now, that I know them, I have checked their websites where they have a shop and being able to try other products that seem more suitable for my skin. Hope it was helpful!

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