Sampling around: This works, shower gel, shampoo and conditioner


I got these at a hotel recently. The brand is from the UK and I really liked the packaging. It is simple to use, sleek, easy to travel with too. Something I really liked, it has the list of ingredients on. So many products even in the full size do not have them.

I have already reviewed the body lotion, so I will skip that one, but lets talk about shower gel: I love the scent! It is very fresh, a bit zesty, very similar to ginger. I would say is a good morning shower gel, when you are about to start your day and you need something fresh to wake you up.  I enjoyed it a lot. Sample size was good for one, maybe two showers.

Shampoo and conditioner: Again, great packaging, easy to use, flexible enough to let the product flow. Sample size was good for two uses in the case of the shampoo and just one use for conditioner. Both products were very good. I have dry hair at the moment and although it did not completely fixed my hair, it did improve significantly. Probably using them longer would have a positive and long lasting effect in the right direction.

Would I buy them based on the sample? Yes!

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