A mini-haul: discovering a brand

While in Frankfurt walking around in the rain, I looked for a refuge and I went into a pharmacy. I love going into European Farmacies, in Germany, Switzerland or France. They are full of beautiful and interesting products. It is precisely in this unexpected setup that I got to discover this brand: Sensilis. I have never heard of it before, or seen it elsewhere.

It seems it comes from Barcelona in Spain. I got very, very excited about this, but I am not urgent need of many products, so I look and look through, trying to decided what should I buy. The brand has a couple of hand creams, and being a masive consumer of hand cream, I could not let that go. I got this Silhouette Xpert Hand Cream Lavender.


The other product that really got me interested was this cleansing balm. I am at the moment testing a couple of oils, but I miss a balm to remove make up. So, even though I have full bottle of oil, I bought me a cleansing balm!


It was 26Euro for 75ml of product. More expensive than a Clinique Take the Day Off, so let’s hope it is worth it. I expect it to be more rich and luxurious than that. It comes with a little spoon and a cloth for cleansing, which pleased me much.


At the pharmacy, the lady added a couple of samples, a cream and a detox mask. Let’s see how these do, I so far have high expectations.


Additionally I bought a Maybelline liquid lipstick, in a very 90’s nude tone. The color just got to me, while I was doing my shopping in the supermarket. Have a look and tell me its not beautiful!


Finally, after hearing so much about this face shape brush by Zoeva from Lisa Eldridge in her channel, I decided to buy it and see how I like it. This I bought at Douglas that was just a couple of shops away from the pharmacy, and where I also enter just to protect myself from the rain.


Please, let me know, did you know Sensilis already? Have you tried it? Do you have a product to recommend?

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