Sampling around: Urban Decay, Primer potion and eye shadows


I got these when I bought either an eyeliner or a lipstick by the brand. The very famous Primer Potion by Urban Decay in the Original formula, and two of their eye shadows: Buck and Lounge.

The packaging of the samples was a bit big for what it really was, and therefore getting in the way all the time. The actual part of the packaging where the samples were contained was fine. For the Primer Potion it could have been better and a bit bigger to allow its use more than once.

The primer was O.K. but having tried it only once, it is hard to tell if its better than others I have tried. The eye shadows did not leave a very good impression. They did not blend well, or easily. They were a bit of work to get a proper blend. I did try them several times, there was plenty of sample for that. In the end I trashed it with still some eye shadow sample on, because I did not like them. The shades are pretty, Buck is a light matte brown and Lounge is a red and green shimmer.

Would I buy these based on the sample? No. The primer was not enough to decide, and the shadows did not left me interested into buying or trying any of their eye shadows.

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