France: L’Oreal, Skin Perfection Anti-Fatigue Perk-up Cream


I give this cream 1/5 thumbs up. I did not like it.

I bought this L’Oreal SkinPerfection Anti-Fatigue Perk-up cream in Germany, I believe in a Rossmann. I confess, their commercial with Lena worked on me. Then at the shop, the description was also good: anti-fatigue, with SPF20. It all sounded very good. Unfortunately I did not like this product. I stopped using it after several weeks in the end.

The packaging is great, sleek, easy, flexible enough to let the product flow. It is even pretty if you care about such things. The cream contains several ingredients that help against fatigue: Caffeine and Vitamin C. Additionally it contains also a slight tint with some kind of micro-capsule pigments. All these help to lift up your complexion, from the inside with the ingredients, and in appearances and for a quick fix with the tint. I great plus for me, was that it contains SPF20, great for a all-year round SPF if you stay indoors. So far, everything sounds great, and in general I still love the idea. Its better than make up to help you look better when tired, if this is a recurrent situation in your life, because it won’t just cover up your tiredness but will also help through its ingredients to treat your skin. Where does it go wrong?

My main problem with this product was the texture, the formulation. It feels obtrusive, heavy and uncomfortable on the skin. Almost like a sunscreen for the beach. This effect mostly passes after five to ten minutes that you have it on, but you still feel a certain discomfort. The tint looks good, and it works on lifting your skin, but I am not sure if this works on all skin tones. If you have darker skin, maybe test it before you buy it. If you have very dry skin, you might still like this product. In any case, if you are interested, just go and test it!

Would I buy this again? No, but I would love a product with the same aim, better formulated, with a lighter texture. If you know of one, let me know!


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