Zoella, Rita Ora for Manhattan and neon essie nails…

I just did a few purchases in the last weeks that I am summing up in this post. All of them were made in Rossmann, dm or pharmacies in Germany. First of all, I bought these two from Zoella Beauty: The double cream body cream and the Wonder Hand Hand cream.

These products are made in China, but Zoella Beauty is of course an UK brand. I already started using the hand cream, and so far I really like it. All of the products have beautiful packaging and many of them quite original in their presentation. I am interested into trying more, but for now I only needed a body and hand cream. The brand has some lovely make up bags too.

Then, for nails I got two of the Chameleon Collection with Rita Ora for Manhattan. This collection is a combination of bright and pale colors. There are many interesting shades, but I only picked up these two. I own very similar ones to the rest, so I picked the two that would complement my collection without being repetitive.


I picked 974 My Grey, which is an opaque basic grey, and 961 Too cool, which is a pale cool blue.

Then last week I just got the L’Oreal Overnight Mask and Essie polishes at dm; and at a pharmacy on the way this Korres set that comes with shampoo, shower gel and body lotion.


From essie I got the whole new 2017 neon collection. All the colors are beautiful, I was just missing a yellow neon. The collection includes a special base for neon colors, but it just looks like a white polish. Since I already have white polish, I did not buy the base.


Here you see ‘Off the wall’ (pink), ‘Mark on Miami’ (orange), ‘The fuchsia of art’ (purple) and ‘Gallery gal’.


I also bought this overnight mask by L’Oreal that I have heard so much about online. I am quite disappointed now, because checking the side of the packaging it says it is recommended for 40 to 60 years old. I am not sure what will I do with it. Maybe pass it along…??


Finally, at a Pharmacy I saw this set, and how exciting it comes with two different shower gels and body lotions by Korres: Basil Lemon and Santorini Vine. Plus, a shampoo for normal hair.

Very excited about the shower gels, the Zoella hand cream and the neon polishes. What did you like best?

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