France: Phyto, Huile Soyeuse


I give this product 2/5 thumbs up. It is O.K.

This lightweight Hydrating Oil by Phyto is aimed for dry or thin hair. It is indeed a light weight product, which makes it pleasant to apply. I really like the formula, in your hands it feels like a cream more than an oil. The packaging is glass, and the dispenser is a spray. Packaging is really good, simple, practical, just not travel friendly because of the glass. Until here all positive, so lets go to the reasons why I did not like it much. First, the product runs out very fast, a few applications and you already finished it. Then, it leaves an oily finish that looks like dirty hair, which is not flattering at all. Finally, it did not improved or repaired my dry hair. This product might be good if you already have good hair, and are just looking for a product to maintain it in good condition.

Would I buy it again? No

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