Germany: Treaclemoon, Iced Strawberry Dream Duschcreme


I give this treaclemoon Iced Strawberry shower cream 4/5 thumbs up. I really like it!

I do not know how the manage the scent of this product, because it totally smells like strawberry Icecream. I really loved it, it is not just strawberry scent, which can be a bit sweet and sour. This is a soft sweet scent.

The packaging is O.K. It is good quality, sturdy enough, you can get out most of the product out. Mostly because the product is liquid enough, not so much because the packaging is flexible. The only ‘but’ I found for the packaging is that is bulky. I prefer sleek, simple packaging. No matter how much space you may or not have in your shower, or bathroom, sleek simple packaging will always fit better in my opinion. The shower gel is a bit liquid but not annoyingly liquid, just slightly more liquid that your average shower gel. It is not a very foamy kind of shower gel, so if you like that this might not be for you. I am not saying there is no foam, just less than a regular shower gel. It is great value for the price as well, around 4 Euro for half a liter of shower gel. They also do travel sizes, which you can use to test your favorite scent. The brand does funky cool scents, not your regular scented shower gels, which is probably part of what makes the product unique.

I believe this particular scent is not available anymore, but I just finished their marshmallow one, which I loved too. And, this review might also reflect the quality of their shower gels in general, in case you were wondering about them.

Would I buy it again? Yes!

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