X vs. Y: Have one of these? You might not need the others!


This post is the result of a recent experience I had with the Color Show Maybelline Polish you see in this picture. I saw it at the shop and I thought, Oh! What a beautiful color! I need that! I bought it and to my dismay it was like wearing nothing. Looking through the shops and my own stash, I found a couple of similar colors. Have a look!

Here we have:

  1. Maybelline Color Show in 31 Peach Pie
  2. Nails Inc. in Knights Bridge Mews
  3. Astor Quick&Shine in 620 Madeleine
  4. Max Factor Glossfinity in 30 Sugar Pink
  5. Astor Perfect Stay in 005 Light Pink Manicure

In the first picture you can see how it looks with just one coat, then two coats and finally on the third image, three coats.

Some of these are soft pinks and some are browns, but the soft tones make them quite similar once applied on your nails. Therefore I decided to directly compare them, even though they are not the same color. From these the only true opaque color is number 3, Astor Quick&Shine in 620 Madeleine. The Nails Inc polish is the only one with shimmer, but it is not so obvious, so I though it would still be comparable.

Number 4 and 5 are the most similar colors, they are practically the same, but the Max Factor Polish is a much better formula. Unfortunately with a terrible brush, a thin brush. The number 5, Astor Polish, has a really nice brush in contrast but just an O.K formula, long lasting formula though. If I had to choose one of these, I would only keep the Max Factor one.

The worst polish of all, in my opinion, is the Color Show by Maybelline. It is the less opaque, one coat of it is like having nothing on. Although it does dry out fast, which is a positive thing after all.

The Astor Quick&Shine in 620 Madeleine is the one with the formula that dries the fastest. This point is always a plus for me, because I hate waiting long without being able to use my hands. It was not in 45 seconds as it states though, but it was fast. The second fastest after the Maybelline Color Show.

If you have been looking for a similar color, I hope this posts help you find it without spending on all of these. Enjoy!

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