USA: eos, hand lotion in Fresh flowers


I give this hand lotion 2/5 thumbs up. It is O.K.

This hand lotion by eos has a lovely packaging. Very cute and light, which is hand bag or travel friendly, but it does not allow the product to be completely used up. This is a minor point, if you can not use up what you paid for. In my opinion, packaging has to be practical too!

The lotion was nice, hydrating but with a fresh feeling. Although the feeling does not last long, I ended up having to re-apply constantly. This is also a minus point for me. I suffer from dry hands, so If I have to re-apply anyway through out the day, I rather go for something that has a longer lasting effect on my skin. If you do not have a dry hand problem, then you might just enjoy this to refresh you from a long day at work, or something on those lines.

Another thing that turn me off is the fact that this product contains only 44ml of product, which is really not much. If I buy a hand cream, I want to pay for a hand cream, if it comes with nice packaging as a plus, or has a lovely scent, etc all of these are pluses, but if all of these is discounted from the primary purpose which is to have a hands cream, then I wont invest in that. I rather have a great hands cream which a regular packaging, than lovely packaging but no cream.

Would I buy this again? Not at all.

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