France: La Roche-Posay, Respectissime, Ultra-Doux


I give this mascara 1/5 thumbs up. I did not like it.

I bought this Respectissime La Roche-Posay mascara in a pharmacy in Germany. I though: “Well, there are so many products that I love about the brand what about trying out some make up!”

Unfortunately in this case I have to say it was not a good idea, at least this mascara. The packaging is great, is beautiful, sleek, light, easy. The wand is a bit long, which depending on your taste in mascara wands and your face, you might find it good or bad. In my case, it is a bit bendy, and so slightly long. The good thing about it was that I never made my nose dirty, which is something that might happen with other wands. The brush is O.K, not my favorite but I found it to be good.

The formula was the problem here. I was quite sad to see that it does not hold a curl, and it disappears after maybe two hours. It just looks like you never put mascara on at all. For me, mascara is an essential, but even if it is not an essential for you, you might just want it there. I have to say I can not recommend this mascara, and I will never buy it again. There might be a bright side though, because they have a couple of formulations, not only this one. I might try another one, just to see if it works better.


Would I buy it again? No, it is like wearing no mascara.

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