Sampling around: Penhaligon’s, Quercus Conditioning Shampoo and Body Lotion

These Penhaligon’s, Quercus Conditioning Shampoo and Body Lotion are from a stay in a Hotel in London. They are made in the Czech Republic, but the brand is from the UK.

The packaging is very cute, maybe not the most practical to travel with, but very cute. It is also flexible enough to let the product out. These two are scented but the body lotion more than the shampoo as it could be expected. They seem to be a special edition for the hotel, since I could not find the exact products in the company website, but I still think they might be representative of the actual line. I can say for sure that the Quercus line from the brand has a beautiful scent, I loved it!

The body lotion has a very neutral scent, very agreeable, not too strong, comfortable. Although you can not find the body lotion on the site, there is a body cream, which I assume is similar to this. It has a very light consistency, almost liquid, that slides on your skin as you apply. I would say it is the kind of moisturizer you might use during spring, or autumn, not too light but also not heavy duty. It feels slightly emollient once applied.   Which is why I think it is not ideal for summer even though it has a light consistency. I did not like it so much as you can see in the picture, I did not finished it. I felt like it leaves a residue, a film on your skin.

The shampoo is an O.K shampoo, but I would not buy it to be my main shampoo. I feel there are other products than can offer more. Also it seems this is a special product for the hotel, because I could not find it in their website.


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