Incoming…a bit of everything, body care, skin care, hair care & make up

All of these are several little hauls combined. First the Hair care part, because recently a shampoo and conditioner left my hair very dry and not very manageable, I have been looking for products that help it recover. That is why I picked up these Aussie, Repair Miracle shampoo, conditioner, mask and oil treatment.


I saw somewhere that Vichy has this peeling toner, Idéalia Peeling, and I was also looking for a Decleor soothing serum. I walked into several pharmacies where I found the Vichy Peeling, but I could not find a pharmacy carrying Decleor. Instead, I bought the Caudalíe Polyphenol Huile de Nuit Détox which I have tried some time ago, and the Avène Cream for very sensitive skin. I also could not resist these Vichy masks.


I have been looking for a primer to help minimize my pores when I apply make up. I had a sample of Porefessional that did not impress me so much. It was not bad, but I expected more somehow as I explained in my post. Because of this, I picked up this NYX Pore Filler primer, to compare and test. I have to say, I thought it would be cheaper, but it is around 12 Euro. It is obviously not expensive, Porefessional costs around 30Euro in comparison. I just somehow imagined it would be under 10 Euro. Let’s see what comes out of it.

Then Weleda lauched lip balms with tint, and I decided to try it right away. From Weleda there are products that I love and some that I just don’t. Lets see where this one falls. I chose the rose tone, but there was another darker shade in the shop where I got it. Then I heard somewhere that this Catrice concealer is really good, and decided to try it out. Later on, while walking through the shower gel shelf I saw this wonderful marshmallow heaven shower gel, and I could simple not resist! I bought the travel size, just because I have plenty of shower gel at home right now.

Finally on a different trip to the pharmacy I got a small bottle of Bioderma, because I had run out of eye make up remover. While there I saw this little L’Occitane set, and because this is one of my favorite flowers, I just let it come home with me.

This is all I have bought in the last two months or so, I hope you enjoyed seeing and reading about it. Wait for the reviews, they are coming soon!


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