France: L’Oreal, Mega Volume Waterproof Miss Manga Mascara


I give this product a 3/5 thumbs up. I liked it.

The packaging of this waterproof Miss Manga Mascara by L’Oreal was ok. You can feel this is cheaper packaging than a high end mascara, but remember! what matters is  the brush and the formula. The Brush is good, I liked it has hair like bristles that are longer on the upper part of the wand and shorter towards the tip. It is also bends around the middle and although I expected this detail to be annoying, it was not. In my opinion you do not feel it so much. It allows proper coverage of your eye lashes and helps separating them. I really liked the brush. Then the formula was good as well, I still like the Max Factor formula better, among the drugstore mascaras, but this is a serious contender. Let’s say that if I would buy a drugstore mascara, it would be this or Max Factor false lash effect. The waterproof aspect of the mascara is not the best, it is probably the only thing I did not like much of this mascara. I felt it did not last as long as other waterproof formulas. I can do a one-to-one comparison between these two in the future if you are interested.

Would I buy this mascara again? Yes, I would and I have!



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