France: Avène, Mousse Nettoyante Matifiante


I give this foam 4/5 thumbs up, I really liked it.

Packaging is great: compact, functional, simple to use. It is sturdy as well, I traveled with it without casualties. The cleanser is in a foam form. It is a liquid that through the dispenser converts to foam, like the Lancôme Mousse Eclat cleanser that I have previously reviewed. It is actually my favorite kind of cleanser. Lightweight and it lasts forever. Like most Avène products, this cleanser does not disappoint. It is a gentle cleasner, it performs well and it was good a removing make up. It was slightly drying, specially on cold weather. Although, most cleansers can be also drying on such conditions. It states that it is a mattifying cleanser, and it does help with oil  production but I would not call it mattifying.

Would I buy it again? Yes!


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