Sampling around: Biotherm, Blue Therapy, Cream in Oil


The Blue Therapy Cream in Oil by Biotherm, is an interesting idea for a product. Think of someone that enjoys the benefits of oils but does not like the consistency of one, or the application method. Unfortunately, I do not think it is interesting enough, or at least not to me. I was excited to try it out, partially because I love to hear about new consistencies or formulations in products. Once I tried it out, it did not seem so exciting.

The packaging was excellent, opening at once and straight, no weird openings. The product was like a thick cream in a gel consistency. I did not like it so much mostly because I do not like thick creams, or products on my face. If you do like thick creams, or thick oils for your skincare routine, this could be something for you.

Would I like to buy it based on the sample? No, I would not.


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