Greece: Korres, Japanese Rose Shower Gel


I give this product 3/5 thumbs up. I liked it.

I think it is hard to go wrong with shower gels in general. There are products out there that manage to get it wrong, believe me, but in general most stay in the range of good shower gels. My feeling is that only the really bad or the really good stand out, and there are few of them. Also, most of the time the one that you enjoy the most is for a rather subjective reason, like scents. This could go very differently with someone else’s taste. I enjoyed this shower gel, but it was not amazing, or anything.

It was a nice shower gel, with a lovely scent. The scent was not too strong, just present, to give you a nice shower experience. The consistency is a bit liquid compared to others but nothing dramatic, or annoying. This is an all natural product, which might be a plus to some of you.

The packaging is good, simple is often better and more practical. Quality could be best though ,the lid fell off half way through using it, and the rest of the time you have to make sure you don’t drop the lid, which is not very convenient.

In general, I can recommend to check out their scents and try it out to give you a nice relaxing shower, but do not expect a life changing experience. Price is not cheap, but it is also not outraging. You could give you a treat from time to time, or at least I do.

Would I buy it again? Yes, I am in the process of getting a different scent from this range.

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