France: Vichy, Idéalia BB Cream, SPF 25


1/5 thumbs up. I did not like it.

I tried, and I tried hard to like this product, but it would not do. The Vichy, Idéalia BB cream has an SPF 25 which is really great. It was one of the reasons I picked it up in the first place. It also has excellent packaging, travel friendly, compact, slim, practical and easy to use. It is aimed at all skin types and Paraben free. Applied on your hands, to test, it looks and feels great. Once on your face, it feels very heavy and occlusive on your skin. Very, very uncomfortable. Also very shiny finish, greasy looking finish. Coverage is light, but with a bright finish. It lifts up your complexion. On that front, it performed quite well.

I think it was great that it contains SPF25, it makes it a great everyday moisturizer, easy and ready to go. If you have very dry skin, or live on cold dry weather, this could be a good choice. In my case with oily skin, this was not a match, and I did not enjoyed it. I tried applying powder afterwards, to tone down the shine, but then it kills the purpose of a tinted moisturizer and keeping it simple.

Would I buy this product again? No, it was very uncomfortable and heavy to wear.


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