USA: Bobbi Brown, London Palette

I give this palette 3/5 thumbs up. I like it.

The decorative part of this palette, the front illustration, is gorgeous. I really like it. it gives the palette a special touch. The design of the palette I am not a big fan of. The lower pan with the blush, is normally half out, and if you want to use it, you have to pull it completely out. It is just not convenient, it is always half way there. If you are in a rush it is something extra to pull and then push and close, etc. It gets a bit in your way.


The eye shadows are very beautiful, they create a very natural and beautifying eye look. I really like that, I am more of a fan of natural eye looks. They are really good quality, and they last all day while using primer, but there was a lot of fallout when I started using it. The fallout toned down as I used it, but it does not completely disappear. You can use the Navy tone to give your look a more edgy finish. One of the eye shadows, “Nude” has a slight shimmer. The pink one, “Nude Peach” has a slight sparkle, but extremely subtle, nothing noticeable. Pale Cream and Rich Navy are both completely Matte. The blush is called “Nectar”, and it is a very natural looking blush, like a flush of color in your cheeks, but very natural and toned down.


Overall, it is a very nice palette, very useful if you travel to combine the blush with the eye shadows. Although I am more of a fan of separate products, in this case I liked the combination. I would like to see and try the other two palettes, so maybe there are some posts to follow. If you are interested in this product, I believe it is still available through her website, check it out.

Would I buy it again? Yes!

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