Sampling around: Dermalogica, Multivitamin Power Recovery Mask


I got this Multimvitamin Power Mask sample with a purchase at the Dermalogica website, and I finally used it!

Packaging was O.K.ish, it could be better. The opening of the sample was slightly difficult and the result a bit awkward to get product out as you can see in the picture. The Mask was nice, I liked it although it is probably not yet something for my skin. It is marketed for aged skin, or mature skin. It contains antioxidants, vitamins A,C, panthenol and more. Good ingredients. It claims to help with the building of Collagen on your skin, which is good probably at the first signs of aging as well and not just for mature skin. It mentions in the description that it calms the skin and helps damaged skin to recover. Sounds like something that could be used also for sensitive skin. In any case I enjoyed it, my skin felt fresh and pampered after using it.

Would I buy it based on the sample? I would, although finding out that it is aimed at mature skin put me off a bit. It worries me to use it before its time and then that it wont work as it should at the proper time.


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