France: L’Occitane, Creme Mains, Peaux Seches, 20% Beurre de Karite


The L’Occitane Hand Cream for Dry Skin with 20% Shea Butter gets 3/5 thumbs up. I like it.

These creams are a special edition for the 40 year anniversary from the brand. I bought first the rose scented version, which I believe is not available anymore. Surely, some are still out there in pharmacies or shops, but in principle it is not available. Once I finished it, I went for the second one which is the classical, just with the anniversary packaging. You can still get that version with the regular packaging.

The packaging is the usual L’Occitane metal tube with the awkward lid that is slightly problematic to close. It is not a big deal but it is always slightly annoying. The lids don’t go in smoothly, you have to struggle a bit to find the right position where it goes in. The creams, were not exactly the same. I really loved the scent of the rose version, it was a pleasure to apply the cream every evening before bed. The cream was good but not great for what I call a “Night time hand cream”. It was not rich enough, the dryness feeling came back before I fell sleep. The regular version is better in that sense, no great scent, but the hydration feeling is there for longer time. I am not sure why the two give a different result, they both contain 20% Shea butter. One would think the only difference is the scent, but they do not give the same result.

Would I buy this product again? The regular version, yes.


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