Sampling around: Origins, A perfect world antioxidant cleanser with white tea


I got this cleanser with a promotion Origins had, where I got some of their most well known products in mini version.

The cleanser A perfect world by Origins, is your regular cleanser consistency, a soapy gel kind of cleanser, that you lather in your hands before using it on your face. I must say that for an Origins product it is not so scented, which is something I like. It states it is an antioxidant cleanser, helping to keep your youth. I think such a claim for a cleanser is a bit much, a cleanser is on your skin for such a short amount of time, that I would find it irrelevant that it contains anti-aging ingredients. I am more interested in cleansers that contain ingredients which help clear out pores, minimize oil production, etc. Something that goes together with cleansing, leaving anti-aging to serum or moisturizers, products that stay on your skin for a significant amount of time. Packaging was good, and sample size was more than plenty. My skin did not feel dry or uncomfortable after using it, but it did cleanse my skin. It felt refreshing, and smooth. I did enjoy using this product, and it got me interested into buying it.

Would I buy the product based on this sample? Yes, I would.


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