France: Dior, Hydra Life Créme Sorbet Pro-Jeunesse


I first tried out this in a sample I got, and I got really into it after it helped heal some dry patches around my nose. That encouraged me to get this full jar that is now empty.

The Hydra Life Pro-youth sorbet creme by Dior, is a light, fluffy, slightly cooling almost gel consistency creme. It feels very light on the skin, very comfortable. It is hydrating, and it contains anti-aging ingredients as well. I would not say very hydrating, but hydrating. Nevertheless it helps out healing dry patches almost overnight. Whenever I have dry patches, either around my nose or forehead, this is what I apply at night to heal it out (or a mask). Easy dry patches disappear overnight, and hard ones take a few days. I do not use it as a regular moisturizer, unless it is winter. I use it as my “dry skin/dry patches” day moisturizer. It is made in France and it is aimed for normal to combination skin. Packaging is nice. As most high end skincare, it is a glass jar with a plastic lid, the looks of it has changed since I bought it as you can see at the Dior website. It comes with a little spoon to take out product instead of using your fingers. Honestly I just use my fingers, but I saved the spoon to use whenever I pour out into a traveling container.

Would I buy this product again? Yes!

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