Sampling around: Avène, Lotion Douceur


If you have sensitive skin, Avène is your champion. They have so many products aimed at sensitive skin, but touching on different problems that your skin may have: dry skin, impurities, etc. Most of the products I have tried from them are solid rock, doing what they say they do, no extras, no beautiful packaging, or flamboyant scents or anything out of the top. For this reason, I really like the brand.

I can not remember anymore where I got this gentle toner sample from, I think from a little set I bought long time ago because I liked the make up bag that came with it, but I am not sure anymore. Packaging of the sample was really good, easy to use, sturdy, simple. Sample size was great, 50ml. This is the perfect traveling size for a longer trip. Product was also really good, a gentle toner that helps to remove the last impurities after cleansing, but without adding discomfort to your possibly already dry skin. I do not suffer from dry skin all the time, or all over my face, but I enjoyed using this very much and it is on my buying list now. If you have dry or very dry skin, you might like this.

Would I buy this based on the sample? Yes, I would.


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