Mostly matte: Drugstore Red lip colors, Max Factor, Essence, Revlon and Astor

Checking through my collection I thought of comparing some similar products. They are not exactly the same kind of product, but they are similar enough in my eyes. If you do not like a particular texture, or finish then this post might not be so helpful. These are a mix of different textures and finish, from a shine to a matte finish. A more liquid consistency to a more whipped formula. Most of them claim to be long lasting, but they are not that long lasting. They are all reds, but only the Max Factor is a true red, the Revlon and Astor are orangy reds. From all of it, the essence one has the thickest consistency and the Max Factor one is the one with the lightest, more liquid consistency, and also the longest lasting of all. Lets go, one by one.

Essence, XXL longlasting

It states it is long lasting, but it stayed on two to three hours on, and once it wore out it did it patchy. The packaging on the exterior is O.K. nice and sturdy, but the wand was really terrible. It was kind of long but very bendy, which makes it hard to use. The actual applicator was fine though. It states it is a matte finish, but it is actually a semi-matte as it says in the tiny writing that has the packaging in the description. It does sit comfortable on the lips, which is not always the case for a matte or semi-matte product.

Astor, Style Lip Lacquer

The packaging of this product is rather cheap, but the important part: the applicator is really good, both the wand and the tip. It is not long lasting, and it does fade patchy, which is not very flattering. It stays on maybe two hours maximum. The finish was a true matte, the color is really beautiful. It sits comfortable on the lips as well.

Revlon, Ultra HD, Matte LipColor

This is the product with the best packaging. It is beautiful and practical. The applicator, on the other hand is not so good. It is indeed matte as it states, and it sits comfortable on the lips which is always important for a lip product. It is not long lasting, it lasts around two hours, it comes off a bit patchy but not bad, what I would consider normal.

Max Factor

This product applies very nicely. The packaging is rather cheap, but the applicator is good, and that is more important. It dries matte, which is my favorite kind. It is comfortable on the lips at the moment of application, but as it dries out and sets matte it gets a bit sticky, slightly uncomfortable. You feel that you have something on your lips. It is the only one that lasted more than three to four hours on.

All of them would probably stay a bit longer if you would not eat or drink while you are wearing them. Because I have collected these through time, it might be not all of them are available anymore, in the same packaging or colors.

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