UK: The body shop, Moisture White, Shiso Make-up Cleansing Oil


The Moisture White Shiso Make-up cleansing oil from The body shop gets 3/5 thumbs up. I liked it.

I have tried up to now several cleansing oils, and I feel I have a better feeling for what I like or look for in a cleansing oil. This makes the judging of this kind of product much easier.

Packaging is ok, it could be nicer, but hey! it works and its good quality. The oil claims to be an oil to lotion formulation, I am not sure what do they mean by this, I did not feel the change from oil to lotion to be honest. It feels like a thicker oil that gives you a nice massage while you remove your make up. Not as nice and luxurious as the Caudalie cleansing oil, but nice. Price wise they are in a similar range, so I would probably rather go for the Caudalie Oil than this one, but this is a very good option. Something curious was that it seems it is not available everywhere, you can found it in Asia and México as far as I could see. I was not able to find it in Europe though. Let me know if you have found it around you.

Would I buy it again? Not really, but not because this is not a good product, I just like others better.


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