Sampling around: Lancôme, Énergie de vie


This is one of the relative recent releases for skincare that has got me truly interested. It seems novel and hitting on the spot needs of today, or at least mine. A modern turn on skincare. Pollution, tiredness, stress, etc. are all concerns of our lifestyle these days.

The Énergie de Vie Le Soin Liquide lissant & booster d’éclat, is like a serum & moisturizer in one. The consistency is one of a serum, liquid. The concept has been tried before, but either the consistency was not convincing in my opinion, or the problems that it suppose to deal with were not of my interest. Sample packaging and size were fine, packaging could be better though. The product feels quite light to the touch, refreshing but moisturizing. The concept is interesting, but it leaves you wanting to still apply moisturizer just out of habit, which you can of course do if you want. It left my skin feeling hydrated and plumped. I did not see the glowing part, but this could come after regular use for longer periods of time. I really enjoyed using this and I am totally interested into buying the full size. I could not totally let go of applying moisturizing some evenings, just because it felt wrong. Although there are people that never do, sticking just to serum. Knowing that the product is made to be used like this, but hey! if skincare can be made simple, why not?

Would I buy it based on the sample? Yes, I am onto it.

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