France: Garnier, Hidratante + Energizante


The Garnier Hidratante + Energizante gets from me 3/5 thumbs up. I liked it.

I bought this in México during a trip, I was after something moisturizing but fresh. If you live in warm and humid weather, you will understand that is not so appealing to put a heavy thick cream on you when it is really warm. This also claims to energize dull and tired skin.

The packaging was fine, it feels slightly cheap I have to say, but it does the job. Plastic packaging does not necessarily has to be or feel cheap after all. The price is quite fair, on the cheaper side of the drugstore compared to other products, or brands. Now, the cream itself is like a fresh gel like texture. It almost feels like it dissolves into water when you apply and sets like a cream. Not like a heavy cream, but something lighter. I really enjoyed the texture and I feel is the perfect kind of moisturizer for warm and humid weather. Something that refreshes your skin and you look forward to apply. The finish is slightly sticky, but it was nothing that bothered me. It did moisturized my skin and it did lift up my tired skin. Do not expect a dramatic wake up effect, but it was good.

Would I buy it again? Yes, I may.

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