Sampling around: Rodial, Dragon’s blood XXL advanced sculpting serum


This Dragon’s Blood XXL advanced sculpting serum by Rodial sample came if I am not mistaken with an online buy, either at Sephora or Douglas in Germany.

The packaging was quite standard, but quality was O.K., no weird opening problems as I am sure you have also suffered with bad packaging. I had no previous experience with any Rodial product. I love the dragon blood part in the name to be honest. Now, about the sculpting part, such claims are always very difficult to confirm and once you have a wrinkle there is nothing to do about it, it is there to stay. Products may give you a short term tightening or filling effect but not more. All you can do is prevention to delay as much as possible aging signs. Because of these, I really liked the description of the product it sounds quite realistic about what it does. They do not claim to disappear wrinkles but minimize their appearance; and not just to sculpt but “improve skin elasticity so facial contours appear more re-fined and lifted”. All these together left a pretty good impression on me and interest on their products. The serum left a good impression on me, but of course from such a sample is hard to conclude much. It was enough sample for three to four days, I would say a good sample size to get you either interested, or rule out allergies. I enjoyed using it and my skin was well moisturized and elastic. I can not tell that my wrinkles or contour were much changed, but I think that in any case could be an effect you see in the long term.

It does not fall into the affordable section, so if you are interested ask for a few samples before you commit to a full size product. It is also not excessively expensive, specially if it would be aimed to more mature skin, high end products in that category need more expensive ingredients and often fall beyond the 130Euro price tag. From the information the brand gives about the product it sounds like an alternative to Genifique, but I have not done a proper ingredient comparison to be sure. The idea behind it sounds like it, aiming to keep the skin on that youth stage as long as possible adding the ingredients you do not produce anymore topically.

Would I buy the product based on the sample? Yes, I am interested in trying it out.

If you have tried this one, let me know about your experience!


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