Germany/México: Nivea, Efecto Dual Desmaquillante Bifásico de Ojos


This Nivea waterproof Makeup remover gets 3/5 thumbs up. I like it.

Now, this product gets the job done which is always important. The scent is the typical Nivea scent. Packaging is really good, quite solid and easy to use. As a makeup remover is effective, but I would not say is the best. You might need more product than compared to other similar products, or it might take slightly longer. It does leave a bit more residue on your skin after using it that some others, but if you wash your face afterwards, problem solved!

The most effective make up remover I know is Lancôme BiFacil, but of course the price difference is quite considerable. The Nivea one costs around 5Euro while the Lancôme one costs around 30Euro for the same amount of product. A lot of times I do not mind waiting or spending more product, sometimes I feel like something fast and more comfortable. It comes down to what do you want, or what your needs are.

Would I buy it again? Yes, I would

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